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**//A nice guy//** is a live piano-and-vocal song by LorD and Master written about the pitfalls of being a 'nice guy' in what could be seen as a 'not-very-nice' society.


 * He's a nice guy
 * He's a nice guy
 * But you'll never
 * Know his name
 * He's a nice guy
 * Such a nice guy
 * But you'll never
 * Go his way
 * Someday you'll find out he wanted you
 * Every day burns light into what you could have been
 * He's a nice guy
 * A really funny guy
 * But you never thought to look
 * Beneath the surface
 * Someday you'll want someone like him
 * He'll be the key to your happiness
 * You'll look but you'll never find him
 * He holds the one thing you don't possess
 * 'cause he's a nice guy
 * He's always kinda shy
 * You never wondered why
 * So you'll walk on by
 * He's a nice guy


 * Appears on //[[Polarity]]//


Written, produced and performed live by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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