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ACID Pro is a piece of music production software for Windows-based PCs produced and published by Sony Creative Software. It uses a loop-based system that allows some tempo stretching with ease, though either at the expense of quality or the true pitch of the original audio file. A handicap of ACID Pro was the inability to route audio signals in more versatile ways. Furthermore, software synthesisers other instruments could only be created as one instance, though often the same plug-in will be required for use across multiple tracks, leading to a more difficult and static workflow.

While the software was adequate for some time, LorD and Master deemed it inadequately versatile for his needs and moved onto Apple's Logic Pro, purchasing a whole new computer and setup in order to be able to accommodate the superior software.

The first album to be produced using ACID Pro was //One//, while the final album to be produced using the software was //Reality//.

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