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**//Again//** is a song by LorD and Master. It was written about the constant repetition of going out and getting drunk, trying to meet people for sex and so on, that goes on in today's nightlife culture. The song features rapped spoken verses and many harmonies on the chorus.


 * Day and night, you're keeping right
 * But feeling pretty queer
 * It's a camp interpretation
 * Of a very kitsch idea
 * You want to see the Doctor 
 * But you're going nowhere near
 * So much booze, you're gonna lose
 * But your reputation's clear
 * Writing down your feelings
 * With a multicoloured pen
 * Questions coming thick and fast
 * Starter, now, for ten
 * Buzzing round in circles 
 * So you don't know where or when
 * It bubbles up inside of you
 * And here we go again
 * Oh-oh
 * Oh no
 * Here we go again
 * Oh-oh
 * Oh no
 * Here we go again
 * Elaborate and speculate
 * 'cause no one knows the truth
 * Scrabble round the same old town
 * Searching for the proof
 * A tiny manic facial tic 
 * To demonstrate your youth
 * Turn that fucking music up
 * It's time to raise the roof
 * Furtive glance, take your chance
 * With a lonely hen
 * Partying because you are 
 * Monarch of the Glen
 * Competition, superstition
 * Wary of the men
 * You're a star so to the bar
 * And here we go again


 * Appears on //[[Univerbose]]//
 * Single mix appears on //Again - EP// (q.v.)
 * Single mix appears on //[[Singular]]//.

EP release

 - //Again// - single version - 3.18
 - //[[Feel]]// - single version - 3.26
 - //[[Miserablism (song)|Miserablism]]// - 3.52
 - //[[Common enemy]]// - 5.08
 - //Feel// - LorD and Master ideation remix - 7.52
 - //Feel// - [[Lthrboots]] club mix - 5.09

Released 11 November 2013.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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