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//**Anonymous**// is a song by LorD and Master about the threat of homosexuals and other members of the LGBTQ+ community perceived by certain individuals and communities. The idea for the song came about when Dan ran out of song titles to use for the album and randomly selected a word from a rhyming dictionary - anonymous - and thought about what the word might mean. Unlike minorities which are, to some, defined by physical characteristics that have been called out through bigotry in the past (race or disability, for example), being LGBTQ+ has, in and of itself, no identifying physical features in everyday life. This means that people who are gay, for instance, have to come out as such to be identified as part of that minority. The song plays with this idea, harking back to the United States' denizens' paranoia of “reds under the bed”, whereby suspected Communists were equally as difficult to identify during the Cold War.


 * A threat you can't detect
 * Something is wrong
 * I dead you can't reject
 * We are so strong
 * We're coming for your children
 * We want your wives
 * We're coming by the million
 * Run for your lives
 * 'cause we're anonymous
 * We're anonymous
 * 'cause we're anonymous
 * We're anonymous
 * It used to be so easy
 * Back in the day
 * Things that made you uneasy
 * You'd cast away
 * But things are getting better
 * At least for me
 * How can you fight a stranger
 * That you can't see?


 * Appears on //[[Forbidden]]//.
 * Single mix appears on //Anonymous// - EP (q.v.).
 * LorD and Master extended mix appears on //Anonymous// - EP.
 * LorD and Master think of the children remix appears on //Anonymous// - EP.
 * E39 NYC club edit appears on //Anonymous// - EP.
 * Single mix appears on //[[Singular]]//.

EP release

 - //Anonymous// - single mix - 3.20
 - //[[Explain yourself]]// - 3.10
 - //Anonymous// - LorD and Master extended mix - 6.32
 - //Anonymous// - E39 NYC club edit - 4.10
 - //Anonymous// - LorD and Master think of the children remix - 5.51

Released 3 October 2015.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production and remix on EP tracks by Peter Tanico and Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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