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**//Any more//** is a song by LorD and Master about the failure of a relationship and the dramatic realisation that the love has gone. It is entirely fictional. The idea of calling a song //Any more// came because according to Fowler, Bryson, the OED and many other authorities on the English language, any more is always two words and the conjoining of the words into the dreaded anymore is a pet peeve of Dan's.


 * It's just not funny any
 * More and so
 * The laughter stopped a long
 * Long time ago
 * Why do we stay here?
 * Why can't we stop?
 * It's time to listen to our hearts
 * As they drop
 * Don't just stand there
 * Life is unfair
 * Time to shut up
 * Pack your things up
 * I can't stand it
 * I don't want it
 * I don't know you
 * I don't love you
 * Any more
 * I don't love you any more
 * I don't love you any more
 * I don't love you any more
 * I don't love you any more
 * Any more
 * Any more
 * Any more
 * Any more


 * Appears on //[[Demonic]]//.
 * Single mix appears on //[[Any more]] - EP// (q.v.).
 * Single mix appears on //[[Singular]]//.

EP release

 - //Any more// (single mix) - 3.40
 - //[[Caution to the wind]]// - 4.11
 - //Any more// (LorD and Master remix) - 7.32
 - //Any more// ([[E39]] 12 in mix) - 6.23

Released 24 July 2015


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production on E39 remix by Peter Tanico.

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