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Any other day is a song by LorD and Master, written and recorded during the Definitely sessions. The song is the B-side to A midnight dreary and is about right-wing (or indeed alt-right) people treating liberal individuals poorly, always vying for power over them and referring to them as flowers and snowflakes.


  • Any other day would be OK
  • Any other day you’d be accepted
  • But it’s just today
  • Today is every day
  • Don’t just sit there, don’t just wallow
  • You’ve got make a better tomorrow
  • Any other day
  • Any other day but today
  • Any other
  • Any other day
  • You’re never gonna get your way
  • Not today
  • But we’re here today
  • And we’re here to stay
  • We have all the power
  • Over the snowflake and the flower



Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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