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**//At any cost//** is a song by LorD and Master about preserving a friendship at, erm, any cost, curiously. But that's after discovering that love is unrequited. Aww.


 * We've now come to the point where
 * We tell the truth
 * I don't want anything but you
 * I know you don't feel that way
 * I saw the sign
 * But now it's time to draw the line
 * I know it's unrequited
 * I know it's love
 * I saw the spark ignited
 * Heavens above
 * I know I ought to step back
 * Before it's lost
 * I know that we can salvage us
 * At any cost
 * I could say life is unfair
 * Because it's true
 * But this would change nothing
 * With you
 * I'm still stuck at the point where
 * We first met
 * You're not just someone I can 
 * Forget
 * I know it's unrequited
 * I know it's unrequited
 * I know it's unrequited
 * I know it's unrequited


 * Appears on //[[Kaleidophonic]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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