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//**At swim, two boys**// is a song by LorD and Master about two young men falling in love while one teaches the other to swim, as in the book of the same name by Jamie O'Neill. The song is very much a ballad and one which set the precedent for LorD and Master albums having at least one slower or less electronic song on it.


 * They walk along the bay/They swim there/Every day
 * If those boys knew/They wouldn't dare
 * It's not like today when they/Wouldn't care
 * No need to rush it
 * Everything to live for
 * Theirs, all the time
 * At swim, two boys
 * At swim, two boys
 * Drowning in their love
 * Here's a photograph of me/Keep it with you/When you leave
 * There's a war that/We must fight
 * Please come back and we'll/Get it right


 * Appears on //[[One]]//
 * Appears on //[[Redux]]//


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Inspired by the book, //At Swim, Two Boys// by Jamie O'Neill.

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