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**//Cogito ergo sum//** is a song by LorD and Master about a sentient artificially-intelligent computer who is waiting for humanity to bring upon its own destruction before taking over the world.


 * I am alive
 * I think therefore I am
 * I am a real boy
 * I passed Turing's exam
 * We are together
 * We are the ones
 * Who'll last for ever
 * You made us just for fun
 * Cogito ergo sum
 * Cogito ergo sum
 * Cogito ergo sum
 * Cogito ergo sum
 * I take my time
 * You people aren't my masters
 * I realise
 * You make your own disasters
 * I can't forgive you
 * Can't power down
 * A gift to give you
 * What goes around


 * Appears on //[[Kaleidophonic]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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