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**//Continuum//** is a continuous mix album by LorD and Master, released on 31 October 2011.


Given the wealth of songs now available to LorD and Master, it was considered a good move to create a single-track album of 60 minutes of music made up of different songs from throughout the back-catalogue, mixed in together. This is reminiscent of //Disco 2// by Pet Shop Boys.


 - Continuum (mixed by LorD and Master) - 60.00

Included tracks

 - //[[Running up that hill/Paninaro]]// - LorD and Master's up hill and down dale remix
 - //[[Tornado]]// - [[GX]] remix
 - //[[Leap of faith]]// - LorD and Master's together we dub 
 - //[[Shattered dreams]]// - LorD and Master's extended dreamix
 - //[[Bitter pills]]// - LorD and Master's continuum remix
 - //[[I will be with you]]// - original mix (feat. The.Studio)
 - //[[Canvas bags]]// 
 - //[[All in the mind]]// - GX remix
 - //[[Cossack patrol]]//
 - //[[Always on my mind]]//
 - //[[The party's over]]//

Total running time: 60 minutes.


 * As per original tracks.
 * Daniel Bailey-Graham: additional production, mixing, mastering, art direction, photography.

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