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//**Decimus**// is the tenth original studio album by LorD and Master. Written and recorded in the early half of 2016, the album celebrates its tenth position by being more personal than its predecessors. It was produced on Apple's Logic Pro software.


Sandwiched between political songs, much of the album is personal to LorD and Master, though there are some exceptions with certain songs having a fictional narrative built around life experiences of the artist. There are two 'couples' of songs in the album, intended to be thematically linked; //That was then// is paired with //This is now// and //Who's that boy?// is linked with //Go-go boy//. Any further narrative arc may be inferred by the listener, but is not intentional. The artwork is a simple black-bordered field of red sporting a band of Roman numerals with the X highlighted and the artist name and album name above and below it respectively. The font used for the release details is the same as the previous two albums, with LorD and Master adopting that font as a design motif for the foreseeable future.


 - //[[Saints and sinners]]// - 3.54
 - //[[Anxiety]]// - 4.27
 - //[[Foregone conclusion]]// - 3.41
 - //[[That was then]]// - 3.39
 - //[[This is now]]// - 3.48
 - //[[Sunrise]]// - 3.50
 - //[[Cold war]]// - 4.01
 - //[[Who's that boy]]?// - 3.41
 - //[[Go-go boy]]// - 3.14
 - //[[Lightning never strikes twice]]// - 3.36
 - //[[To make matters worse]]// - 4.41
 - //[[Thoughts and prayers]]// - 3.44

Total running time: 46 minutes, 11 seconds.


 * Daniel Bailey-Graham: Writing on all tracks, lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards and piano, electronics, synthesisers, programming, vocoder, sequencing, mixing, mastering, art design, photography. 
 * [[Peter Nugent]]: Writing on track 6.

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