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//**Definitely**// is the fourteenth original studio album by LorD and Master. The album was written in the summer and autumn of 2017 and was produced using Apple's Logic Pro X software. Release date: 8 February 2018.


The concept of the album was to write a collection of electronic pop songs that, in a return to form, featured rather overblown production and a more hell-for-leather feel. New software meant that more vocal samples were used than ever before, lending the album a modern pop feel, while still remaining true to the synthpop genre. The idea behind the name of the album was that it would be unmistakably LorD and Master, though it would still forge into new areas for the artist. Though LorD and Master didn't want, in this album, to be constrained to the under-four-minute time limit, only a few tracks on the album exceed that limit. All song titles in this album have three words, though this was just to add an extra challenge in the creative process.

Visually, the album's artwork employs vignetted block colour fields with abstract lines in the centre. This is a huge departure from the work that Peter Nugent worked on with the previous album, which used literally-interpretive pixel-art. This is to signify that this album has quite a different sound from its predecessor.


 - //[[Whatever you say]]// - 4.15
 - //[[Three little words]]// - 3.51
 - //[[Forgive and forget]]// - 3.44
 - //[[Against the odds]]// - 3.50
 - //[[Back to you]]// - 4.28
 - //[[Feel the sun]]// - 3.48
 - //[[Long time dead]]// - 3.39
 - //[[A midnight dreary]]// - 4.20
 - //[[That's my boy]]// - 4.01
 - //[[Pour the wine]]// - 3.51
 - //[[Dirty old town]]// - 3.55
 - //[[Time to go]]// - 4.06

Total running time: 47 minutes, 42 seconds.


 * Daniel Bailey-Graham: Writing on all tracks, lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards and piano, electronics, synthesisers, programming, vocoder, sequencing, mixing, mastering, art design, design direction.

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