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Demonic album art. Demonic is the seventh original studio album by LorD and Master. Released 13 April 2015, it is a collection of pop songs that Dan produced while experimenting with new software.


The concept of the album is simply to follow the pattern of LorD and Master releases that came before it; to deliver more of the same, but a higher quality and perhaps darker subject matter. The name Demonic came about because of publicity shots Dan had done with black sclera lenses in, making him look like a demon from the Supernatural franchise. Also, because of his sexuality, he'd been called a demon at the time on Twitter and also the speed with which the album came together was described as demonic.

Album art for the project was conceived by Dan, while Peter Nugent made it look pretty.


  1. Follow me - 3.43
  2. Any more - 4.08
  3. Trapped - 3.55
  4. Find you - 4.03
  5. Driving song - 3.36
  6. Rum and Coke - 3.22
  7. Hotline - 3.55
  8. Dying light - 3.48

Total running time: 47 minutes, 23 seconds.


  • Daniel Bailey-Graham: writing on all tracks, production, vocals, keyboards, synths, vocoder, programming, samplers, mixing, mastering, art direction, design.
  • Peter Nugent: art direction, design.
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