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//**Dopamine**// is a song by LorD and Master. It is a song that describes the rush and excitement of sex. Dan always wanted to write sexier songs and of course his first real attempt happens to be more about the brain's chemistry than the act itself. But isn't that so very LorD and Master.


 * Where are you?
 * I want you!
 * I need you now
 * I'm not scared
 * I'm prepared
 * To receive you now
 * I feel it flush
 * I feel a sudden rush
 * A pleasure unforeseen
 * Blood in my ears
 * Not quite what it appears
 * A flood of dopamine
 * Dopamine
 * I've stayed strong
 * For so long
 * This is like a dream
 * Just one touch
 * Does so much
 * When you're in my bloodstream
 * I need the carriers
 * Through blood-brain barriers
 * Send signals unseen
 * My mind is crushed
 * I can feel it rush
 * That flood of dopamine
 * Dopamine
 * I want you
 * I need you
 * I want you
 * I need you
 * I want you
 * I need you
 * I want you
 * I need you


 * Appears on //[[Witness]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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