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Follow me is a song by LorD and Master about two people embarking on a journey together in being in love, seeing what that journey brings and facing everything together.


  • I never wanted something
  • So badly as I want you
  • Begin another chapter
  • Too many, or too few
  • Is it another banging drum or
  • Pounding in my head
  • It's as though I'm overcome by
  • Everything you said
  • Follow me
  • Follow me
  • And we'll see
  • What our future could be together
  • Pick a side
  • And we'll go for a ride
  • It could be like this for ever
  • Ohh
  • We could always start over
  • Draw a line in the sand
  • You've no reason to trust me
  • But trust me, take my hand
  • I could never be so forward to
  • Presume I could compete
  • With the endless suitors who would
  • Make your life complete
  • I never wanted something
  • So badly as I want you
  • I never wanted something
  • So badly
  • As you


  • Appears on Demonic.
  • Appears on Follow me - EP (q.v.).
  • Remixes by LorD and Master, GX, Lthrboots and Exit 39 appear on Follow me - EP.
  • Appears on Singular.
  • Expanded mix appears on Outcast 2.

EP release

Follow me EP artwork.

  1. Follow me - 3.42
  2. Follow me - LorD and Master pounding remix - 6.56
  3. Follow me - GX remix - 6.43
  4. Follow me - Lthrboots club mix - 6.16
  5. Follow me - E39 NYC club mix - 4.55

Released 6 April 2015


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production on GX remix by Graham Ellis. Additional production on Lthrboots remix by Jerry Jones. Additional production on E39 remix by Peter Tanico.

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