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//**Kino**// is an album by LorD and Master that was recorded in late 2017 and released on 5 November 2018.


The concept of //**Kino**// was to create an album of more cinematic music than before; music that sounded like film soundtracks or that was more narrative. While the album has fewer tracks than a normal LorD and Master album, the length of the songs means that the album is of regular album length. The album artwork was intended to look like a box of popcorn and was designed by Daniel Bailey-Graham and Peter Nugent.


 - //[[White lies]]// - 6.10
 - //[[Beached]]// - 5.22
 - //[[Spiral arm]]// - 5.41
 - //[[The great divide]]// - 4.09
 - //[[Spirited away]]// - 4.54
 - //[[Run]]// - 4.37
 - //[[Heavy rain]]// - 5.12
 - //[[Ever ours]]// - 4.37
 - //[[At the break of dawn]]// - 6.01

Total running time: 46 minutes 40 seconds.


 * All tracks written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.
 * Art direction by Daniel Bailey-Graham and Peter Nugent.

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