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//**Lights in the sky**// is a song by LorD and Master and is the B-side to //This is now//. The song is about a harrowing moment that LorD and Master experienced when he was eight years old. In a strange town (Blackpool), night fell and, while on his own, Dan spotted lights in the sky (just like the song says). The lights were just part of the illuminations in Blackpool, lighting up the clouds from beneath, but it scared the crap out of an eight-year-old LorD and Master.


 * There's gotta be an explanation
 * There's gotta be a logical reason
 * It's gotta be a plane, ball lightning
 * A weather balloon
 * I should find out soon
 * I'm so far from home
 * I feel so alone
 * I don't wanna be here any more
 * Gotta emphasise
 * I can't believe my eyes
 * I saw lights in the sky
 * I don't know why
 * But I wanted to cry
 * Flying through the air
 * From here to there
 * I was so scared
 * They put me in a state of wonder
 * But chilled me to the bone
 * How can so many people see these things
 * If we're alone?
 * Thinking of the prospects
 * I don't know what is worse:
 * Sharing with the visitors
 * Or an empty universe


 * Appears on //[[This is now]]// - EP.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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