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LorD and Master is a music producer, songwriter and remixer from Hastings in the United Kingdom.

The name of LorD and Master came about in 2008, when the man behind the project, Daniel Bailey-Graham, decided to “make a go” of being a solo artist.

To date, LorD and Master has released sixteen albums.


LorD and Master, with its peculiar uppercase letter D came about from the idiom, “lord and master”, an ironic statement that someone believes they are far more important than their real status. As a humble person, LorD and Master enjoys the further irony of employing such a grand title with its connotations.

Further to this, while running participating in an online gaming community, UFO Gamers, Dan was known as LorD. Back in the 90s, he ventured onto early multiplayer games under the name of Lord D'Sparil (the name of a the antagonist in the game Heretic, by makers of DOOM, id Software). When creating UFO within the Star Wars game, Jedi Academy, Dan had to abbreviate Lord D'Sparil on account of character number limitations within the game and so decided to render his name (with clan tags) as -=UFO=-LorD-=L=- with the L at the end standing simply for “leader”.

The master part of the name comes from Dan's love of “the bad guy” in various franchises: Moriarty in //Sherlock//, Azazel in //Supernatural//, Darths Vader and Sidious in the Star Wars universe and, of course, the Master in //Doctor Who//.


//Redux// was the first album whereby the art showed Dan's face. Prior to this, the tenth album, he always appeared wearing a plague doctor mask - one of five long-nosed, slightly creepy facial coverings Dan owns. In 2014, LorD and Master adopted a new visual style: black sclera contact lenses, lending him the appearance of a demon or other supernatural creature. “I think my face is too boring. Give me a mask, some facial hair or some cool contacts to spruce it up a bit and make it look more interesting.”


Dan has no personality whatsoever.

Musical releases

For a list of musical releases, see this page.

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