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**//Lost//** is a song by LorD and Master. It is about an anxiety dream where one feels lost in a strange and shifting landscape.


 * Time ran out
 * Somehow the time ran out
 * And I was led astray
 * Somehow I lost my way
 * I don't know where I am
 * I don't know who I am
 * There is no path to find
 * I think I've lost my mind
 * Feel round 
 * Trying to touch the ground
 * Stuck in this endless maze
 * Feels like I've been
 * Here for days
 * So many faceless men
 * I don't know 
 * Where or when 
 * Feeling so drawn and pale
 * Set myself up to fail
 * Smiles come at such a cost
 * How
 * I wish I had what I've lost
 * Now
 * Stability
 * I need stability
 * There's too chaos here
 * I wish I could disappear
 * From this disjointed place
 * I'm not gonna win this race
 * Going on that which passed
 * I'm gonna come in last
 * Wind and rain
 * Composure hard to sustain
 * Challenging elements
 * Antagonist fundaments
 * Summon the strength to win
 * Against the evil within
 * But things are not what they seem
 * Inside this fever dream
 * Smiles come at such a cost
 * How
 * I wish I had what I've lost
 * Now
 * Will I ever see my way through
 * Here
 * This is making me do what I do:
 * Fear
 * All the things I've lost
 * All the things I've lost


 * Appears on //[[Univerbose]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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