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Miserablism album artwork.This is the page for Miserablism, the album. If you are looking for the song of the same name, please visit Miserablism (song).

Miserablism is the fourth original studio album by LorD and Master. Released on 30 January 2012, it was the second album to be produced using Apple's Logic Pro software.


The concept behind Miserablism was to make an electronic Morrissey-style “shoegazing” album. The album took its title from a Pet Shop Boys song and Dan conceived the art design of simple boxes arranged in an equals sign to signify the lyrics from that song, “is is and isn't isn't”. This was the first release to feature a sister release, Miserablist consisting of five extended mixes.


  1. Reinvention - 3.51
  2. Rock star - 4.00
  3. Ground zero - 3.52

Total running time: 47 minutes


  • Daniel Bailey-Graham: writing on all tracks, production, vocals, keyboards, synths, programming, samplers, mixing, mastering, art direction, design, photography.
  • Mike Oldman: writing on track 2
  • Kevin Peters: writing on track 2
  • Alice Neen: additional vocals on track 2
  • Rebecca Deeprose: photography
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