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//This is the page for //Miserablism//, the song. If you are looking for the album of the same name, please visit //Miserablism. **//Miserablism//** is a song by Pet Shop Boys and released by LorD and Master as a cover version.


 * It seems to me there's something serious beginning
 * A new approach found to the meaning of life
 * Deny that happiness is open as an option
 * And disappointment disappears overnight
 * Say that love
 * Is an impossible dream
 * Face the facts
 * That's what it's always been
 * Relax
 * What you see is what you see
 * And what you get
 * Is a new philosophy
 * That's what you got
 * That's what you get
 * That's what you got
 * That's what you get
 * Miserablism
 * Is is and isn't isn't
 * Miserablism
 * Is is and isn't isn't
 * Meanwhile your life is still directed as a drama
 * With realism on the sparsest of sets
 * Every performance tends to reach the same conclusion
 * No happy endings, but a message to depress
 * Saying life
 * Is an impossible scheme
 * That's the point 
 * Of this philosophy
 * But if is wasn't and isn't were
 * You can't be sure but you might find ecstasy
 * Oh no
 * Just for the sake of it make sure you're always frowning (angst, angst, angst)
 * It shows the world that you've got substance and depth
 * You know life
 * Is an impossible scheme
 * And love
 * An imperceptible dream


 * Appears on //[[Again]] EP//.
 * Appears on //[[Flipside]]//.


Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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