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//**One**// was the first album by LorD and Master and was made unavailable in 2010 when the artist switched from ACID Pro to Logic Pro for making music.


 - //[[Saying goodbye]]// - 8.12
 - //[[Telling tales]]// - 3.44
 - //[[Doing what I have to]]// - 4.17
 - //[[Where they walked]]// - 4.30
 - //[[Coming to get you]]// - 3.50
 - //[[I miss you]]// - 3.55
 - //[[Freefall]]// - 5.11
 - //[[In vacuo]]// - 3.26
 - //[[Thinking it through]]// - 4.04
 - //[[At swim, two boys]]// - 4.04
 - //[[All in the mind]]// - 3.49

Total running time: 48 minutes, 57 seconds.


“Start as you mean to go on.”

//One//, on account of its status as inaugural LorD and Master albums was designed to set a precedent for forthcoming original studio albums, imagining that there would be two instrumental tracks per album (in this case, //Freefall// and //Where they walked//, as well as a mixture of heavily electronic dance tracks alongside more sedate pop offerings and even perhaps a stripped-down ballad, such as //At swim, two boys//.

The idea of beginning the album with an eight-minute long twelve-inch dance mix of a former Silver//Spirit// track came from the inspiration that goodbye can be a beginning rather than an ending, given that LorD and Master began when the artist's civil partnership ended. The concept of the first track being a long version was lifted, wholesale, from the Pet Shop Boys album, //Actually//, which starts off on a ten-inch mix of their early track, //One more chance//, a move seen as “brave” for the period.

Special edition

//One// was followed, shortly after - superseded, in fact, by a special edition of the album, including additional tracks that were produced around the same time, experimental tracks from recent times or deemed good enough by Dan to supplement the original album. The additional content ran for 22 minutes, making the total running time 71 minutes. The additional tracks are as follows:

 - //[[Pass this on]]// (dirty electro version) - 3.30
 - //[[Hinting at the truth]]// (demo) - 3.32
 - //[[Moscow]]// - 3.49
 - //[[Walk away]]// (with GX) - 3.49
 - //All in the mind// (extended preoccupation remix) - 7.01

Total running time of special edition: 1 hour, 10 minutes, 39 seconds.


Individuals who worked on //One// are as follows:

 * Daniel Bailey-Graham - writing on all tracks, production, vocals, keyboards, synths, programming, samplers, guitar, mixing, mastering
 * Rasoul Hudda - design
 * Graham Ellis - co-writing and production on //Walk away// (special edition only)

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