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**//One night//** is a song by LorD and Master from the album //Up//. The song is about leaving on an aeroplane to a new city and starting life afresh together.


 * One night, I told you
 * My darkest flaws
 * One night, I told you
 * That I was yours
 * Take me away to somewhere 
 * Life is simple
 * Take me away and say you’ll be
 * By my side
 * We only need one night to pack
 * To book a flight online and never look back
 * To the past that’s causing this fight
 * We only need one night
 * One night, I told you
 * Why I must leave
 * One night, you gave me
 * The time to grieve
 * You took me away to somewhere
 * I could be me
 * You took me away and proved you were
 * By my side
 * We only needed that 
 * Subtle shove
 * We only needed that
 * Sign from above


 * Appears on //[[Up]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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