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**//Outcast//** is the first non-original studio album released by LorD and Master. The album was released on 20 January 2011 and included tracks not released on the previous two albums, //Reality// and //One//. The software used to create this album was Sony's ACID Pro.

The album is available on iTunes and other digital download services.


The idea behind //Outcast// was that there were a number of different mixes, side projects and other such tracks that didn't fit onto either of the previous albums or had been finished outside of release schedules for //One// or //Reality//. The title is a reference to this, as the tracks included are outcasts from the previous two albums. In terms of LorD and Master releases, this album is not counted as an original studio album.


 - //[[Cossack patrol]]// (original mix) - 4.22
 - //[[All in the mind]]// (GX out of your mind remix) - 7.13
 - //[[Feel]]// - 3.39
 - //[[Always on my mind]]// (LorD and Master builds like a drunk contractor remix) - 4.01
 - //[[Leap of faith]]// (GX remix) - 7.17
 - //[[Viva la vida/domino dancing]]// - 4.34
 - //[[So untouchable]]// (instrumental) - 4.01
 - //[[Shades of grey]]// featuring Anya Williams - 3.23
 - //[[Dreamscape]]// - 2.56
 - //[[Leap of faith]]// (LorD and Master together we dub) - 6.22
 - //[[All in the mind]]// (radio mix) - 3.25
 - //[[Who's laughing now]]// (LorD and Master stripped and chilled remix) - 4.06
 - //[[Twentythreetwentythree]]// - 3.26

Total running time: 58 minutes, 38 seconds.


 * Daniel Bailey-Graham: writing on all tracks except 1, 4 and 6; lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards and piano, electronics, synthesiser,  programming, samplers, sequencing, mixing, mastering, art direction, photography.
 * [[GX]]: keyboards, synthesiser, programming, samplers, sequencing, mixing, mastering on tracks 2 and 5
 * Thompson/James/Christopher: writing on track 4.
 * Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe: writing on track 6.
 * Edward Quick: writing on track 3.
 * Anya Williams: lead vocals, backing vocals, harmony arrangement on track 8.

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