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**Pet Shop Boys** are the world's most successful pop duo whose career began proper in 1986 when their song //West End girls// climbed to number one in the charts in countries across the world. Since then, they have continued to craft intelligent, danceable pop music, often staying ahead of the curve and blending pop with art in an instantly classic fashion.

In 1993, LorD and Master was introduced to the Pet Shop Boys album, //Very// through his best friend and now-Chipset bandmate, Mike Oldman and they listened to the album repeatedly. From that point on, Pet Shop Boys became a huge part of Dan's life and their influence over his musical abilities and tastes grew and grew, though his love for keyboards and synths had been present beforehand.

Mimicking Neil Tennant's voice while singing along to Pet Shop Boys music led to changes in Dan's own voice as puberty hit. He said, “it's like thing where you pull a face and get warned that if the wind changes, you'll stay that way. My voice broke and it stayed that way.”

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