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**//Reality//** is the second original studio album by LorD and Master. Released on 11 October 2010, it was the second, and final, album to be produced using Sony's ACID Pro software before Dan made the switch to Apple's Logic Pro.

The album is available for download on digital stores such as iTunes and also available on the main website as a physical copy on CD with lyrics and additional design work.


 - //[[Shattered dreams]]// - 3.32
 - //[[Leap of faith]]// - 3.33
 - //[[Call of the wild]]// - 4.02
 - //[[Dark streets]]// - 3.30
 - //[[Good thing going on]]// - 3.06
 - //[[Frantic]]// - 4.18
 - //[[Shades of grey]]// - 3.23
 - //[[Who's laughing now]]// - 4.07
 - //[[Without you]]// - 4.36
 - //[[Icicle]]// - 3.51
 - //[[So untouchable]]// - 4.00
 - //[[Midnight]]// - 4.04

Total running time: 45 minutes, 51 seconds.


The concept behind //Reality// was that the songs be very grounded in truth and experience in life. Thus, the cover art was Dan, in his LorD and Master plague doctor mask, doing the washing up in his own flat. Many of the songs were written in the 1990s, when Dan was an angsty teenager, writing about things going on around him, which helped keep the album feeling real and a touch gritty. The new songs written specifically for the album were //Leap of faith//, //Frantic//, //Who's laughing now?// and //Midnight//, though //Good thing going on// was written at around the same time as the other new tracks, it was written for a short film project and not the album itself.


 * Daniel Bailey-Graham - writing on all tracks, production, vocals, keyboards, synths, programming, samplers, mixing, mastering.
 * [[Lynn Graham]] - co-writer for //Shattered dreams// only.
 * [[Tommy Bailey-Graham]] - co-writer (lyrics only, omitted from this version) on //Icicle// only.
 * [[Rebecca Deeprose]] - photography for physical copy inner sleeve artwork.

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