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**//Redux//** is an album by LorD and Master. Released on 29 April 2013, it is the second album to have an accompanying sister release (the instrumental version of the album, //Revox//) and was produced using Apple's Logic Pro software.


The idea behind the album was to take LorD and Master's favourite songs from prior releases that were produced on Sony's ACID Pro software and bring them up-to-date by completely reworking and re-recording the songs using current technology and programs. The album marks a new stage in the LorD and Master story, whereby the plague doctor mask was discarded and his face was visible for the first time. Art for the album shows Dan with a tin wind-up robot, which was the catalyst for the beginning of his relationship with his boyfriend.


 - //[[Shattered dreams]]// - 3.49
 - //[[Viva la vida/domino dancing]]// - 4.49
 - //[[Who's laughing now?]]// - 4.38
 - //[[Doing what I have to]]// - 4.42
 - //[[Cossack patrol]]// - 3.55
 - //[[All in the mind]]// - 4.03
 - //[[Pass this on]]// - 3.42
 - //[[Feel]]// - 3.34
 - //[[Always on my mind]]// - 4.08
 - //[[Leap of faith]]// - 3.40
 - //[[At swim, two boys]]// - 4.39
 - //[[Saying goodbye]]// - 6.59

Total running time: 52 minutes, 34 seconds.


 * Daniel Bailey-Graham: writing on all tracks except 2, 5, 7 and 9, production, vocals, keyboards, synths, programming, samplers, mixing, mastering, art direction, design, photography.
 * [[Lynn Graham]]: writing on track 1.
 * Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin: writing on track 2.
 * Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer: writing on track 7.
 * Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher and Mark James: writing on track 9.
 * [[Tommy Bailey-Graham]]: additional vocals on track 5.

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