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Redux 2 album art. Redux 2 is an album by LorD and Master which celebrates the tenth anniversary of the musical project by Daniel Bailey-Graham, which began in 2009.


Having an X in the word makes Redux a perfect title for a project revolving around the concept of ten. The first Redux album was LorD and Master's tenth album and reflected on the previous nine releases, drawing from the tracks that were deemed worthy of update and revisiting and Redux 2 follows the same concept, except that this time, the occasion is ten years of LorD and Master, rather than ten albums. And so, looking back over ten years, the tracks were selected with a view of updating, using new production techniques. The tracks were variously chosen from the very earliest of tracks (I wanna let you go, Saying goodbye) to newer tracks, right up until songs like Journey.

The concept of the album art was to flip the Redux album art on its head, literally. For its predecessor, the LorD and Master robot was standing on the artist's head, while for Redux 2, LorD and Master stands on the robot's head.


  1. Go-go boy - 3.32
  2. Dark streets - 4.45
  3. You - 4.16
  4. Journey - 4.06
  5. Midnight - 3.43

Total running time: 52 minutes, 44 seconds


  • All tracks written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.
  • Art direction and photography by Daniel Bailey-Graham and Peter Nugent.
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