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**//Shades of grey//** is an orchestral pop song in 3/4 time by LorD and Master. It was originally written in the winter of 1995 and is one of a few songs to be reinvented for the album //Reality//.


 * Night fell and lamps lit all across the town
 * Luminous colours just fade into brown
 * Memories fade at the end of the day
 * Fade into shades of grey
 * Through dark streets we wandered
 * Passing the poor
 * People slumped up against every door
 * We've nothing to give them and nothing to say
 * For we are just shades of grey
 * Colour returned for a moment or so
 * Could have made my move but not me, I'm too slow
 * You are my life, that's a fact we all know
 * You made me feel high, but now I am low
 * Low with shades of grey
 * Myriads of colours we both longed to see
 * All of those colours lost to memory
 * That deep red sunset is so far away
 * But no longer shades of grey


 * Appears on //[[Reality]]//.
 * A version with vocals by Anya Williams appears on //[[Outcast]]//.
 * Appears on //[[Singular]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Vocals, backing vocals and harmony arrangement on //Outcast// version by Anya Williams.

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