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Singular album art. Singular is an album by LorD and Master. Released 7 November 2015, it is the first singles collection by the artist and covers all singles released between 2010 and 2015, as well as including two more singles from the following studio album, Witness.


The concept of Singular is a simple one: a collection of tracks released as singles in some capacity or other. The tracks are arranged in the order of their release. Being that the idea of the album is the singularity of the LorD and Master project, versions of songs whose release featured lead vocals by others (Shades of grey by Anya Williams and I will be with you by Alice Neen) have been eschewed in favour of the versions with Dan on lead vocals. Wherever available, single versions have been used, rather than album versions of the songs. Album artwork is by Peter Nugent and LorD and Master, featuring the artist's face in a stylised fashion.


  1. You move me - 3.46
  2. Tornado - 3.29
  3. Again - 3.18
  4. Outside - 3.38
  5. You - 3.28
  6. Follow me - 3.42
  7. Any more - 3.40
  8. Days gone by - 3.46
  9. Anonymous - 3.20
  10. Mythology - 3.44

Total running time: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 48 seconds.


  • Daniel Bailey-Graham: Writing on all tracks, lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards and piano, acoustic guitar, electronics, synthesisers, programming, vocoder, sequencing, mixing, mastering, art design, photography.
  • Mike Oldman: writing on track 5, bass guitar on track 5.
  • Kevin Peters: writing on track 5.
  • Alice Neen: additional vocals on track 5.
  • Gemma Oudôt: additional vocals on track 12.
  • Peter Nugent: art design.
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