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A song is a piece of music, usually including lyrics sung in a melody or spoken as a rap. Songs can vary greatly in length and can be original or cover songs - those written and performed by other artists.

A collection of songs may be released as an album, or with fewer tracks centring on one prime song, an EP or as one song on its own, a single.

LorD and Master releases many songs, most of which he wrote himself and all of which he produced and performed himself.

List of LorD and Master songs

Here is a list of LorD and Master songs.

Name Album
A fighting chance Polarity
A nice guy Polarity
Across the void Demonic
Adrenaline You move me - EP
Again Univerbose
All in the mind Redux
Alliteration Univerbose
Always on my mind Redux
Ambivalence Univerbose
And the world came crashing down Witness
Anonymous Forbidden
Another Christmas without you Miserablism
Another life Polarity
Another way Witness
Another world Six40
Any more Demonic
Anxiety Decimus
At any cost Kaleidophonic
At swim, two boys Redux
Aurora australis Kaleidophonic
Aurora borealis Kaleidophonic
Battered and bruised Witness
Being boring Discover
Bigmouth strikes again Discover
Bitter pills Polarity
Blessing in disguise Thoughts and prayers - EP
Blue Monday Recovery
Broken glass Forbidden
Burning question Miserablism
Call of the wild Reality
Can you forgive her? Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Canvas bags Discover
Caution to the wind Any more - EP
Cogito ergo sum Kaleidophonic
Cold war Decimus
Cold winter waiting Forbidden
Coming to get you One (Special Edition)
Common enemy Again - EP
Consummate professional I wanna let you go - EP
Cossack patrol Redux
Crash and burn Forbidden
Dark streets Reality
Days gone by Forbidden
Details Days gone by - EP
Discoteca Influence
Doing what I have to Redux
Domino dancing Influence
Dopamine Witness
Dreamscape Outcast
Driving song Demonic
Dying light Demonic
Electricity Witness
Electrocrucial Polarity
Entropy Univerbose
Explain yourself Anonymous - EP
Far from home Miserablism
Feel Redux
Find you Demonic
Foregone conclusion Decimus
Follow me Demonic
Frantic Reality
Freefall One (Special Edition)
Friendly fire Discover
Frontier Six40
Ghosts Kaleidophonic
Go-go boy Decimus
Good thing going on Reality
Ground zero Miserablism
He's just not that into you Outside - EP
Heartbeats Discover
Hinting at the truth One (Special Edition)
Home and dry Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Hotline Demonic
I changed for you Go-go boy - EP
I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more Influence
I get excited (you get excited too) Recovery
I love electro Polarity
I miss you One (Special Edition)
I wanna let you go Kaleidophonic
I will be with you Miserablism
Icicle Reality
Idiots and the rich Kaleidophonic
In vacuo One (Special Edition)
Indigo child Witness
Intangible The fall of love - EP
Integral Influence
It's a sin Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys, Influence
Jealousy Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
King's Cross Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Leap of faith Redux
Leave me the fuck alone Follow me - EP
Lightning never strikes twice Decimus
Lights in the sky This is now - EP
LorD's theme Mythology - EP
Lost Univerbose
Make it right Miserablism
Maybe next time You - EP
Mechanical nightmare Witness
Melody Kaleidophonic
Mendaciloquent Univerbose
Midnight Reality
Minimal Influence
Miserablism (song) Again - EP
Monkey Island Six40
Moscow One (Special Edition)
Mythology Witness
No more chances Kaleidophonic
Notes from a small island Miserablism
Oath Univerbose
On the road Forbidden
Only the Wind (Live) Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Opportunities (let's make lots of money) Influence
Optimism Univerbose
Out of sight, out of mind Polarity
Outside Univerbose
Pass this on Redux
Perfect Discover
Persistent fantasy Witness
Piece by piece Forbidden
Plasma Forbidden
Primadonna Recovery
Pure Discover
Radtown blues Persistent fantasy - EP
Rain Witness
Reinvention Miserablism
Relapse Forbidden
Remix Forbidden
Rent Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys , Influence
Rock star Miserablism
Rum and Coke Demonic
Running up that hill/Paninaro Discover
Saints and sinners Decimus
Saying goodbye Redux
Secret smile Discover
Shades of grey Reality
Shattered dreams Shattered Dreams - EP
Six40 Six40
So hard Influence
So untouchable Reality
Soulless Kaleidophonic
Speak your mind Kaleidophonic
Stalin's lover Polarity
Summer flame Kaleidophonic
Sunday morning Demonic
Sunrise Decimus
Survival Univerbose
Susurrus Univerbose
Sweet dreams (are made of this Recovery
Telling tales One (Special Edition)
Tell me what I want to hear Forbidden
That was then Decimus
The demon is watching Witness
The fall of love Miserablism
The good fight Witness
The great bath Six40
The missing link Kaleidophonic
The model Recovery
The party's over Polarity
The resurrectionist - live acoustic version Notes from a small island - EP
There's nothing left to do but dance Demonic
Thinking it through One (Special Edition)
This is now Decimus
This must be the place I waited years to leave Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Thoughts and prayers Decimus
Time Tornado - EP
Tipping point Miserablism
To make matters worse Decimus
Tomb Raider Six40
Tonight Kaleidophonic
Tonight is forever Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Tornado Polarity
Trapped Demonic
True faith Discover
Twentieth Century Influence
Twentythreetwentythree Outcast
Under your control Forbidden
Victims of justice Miserablism
Viva la vida/Domino dancing Redux
Walk away One (Special Edition)
What else is there? Discover
What have I done to deserve this? Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
Where they walked One (Special Edition)
Who's laughing now? Redux
Who's that boy? Decimus
With every heartbeat/Heart Recovery
Without you Reality
You Univerbose
You gotta be there Battered and bruised - EP
You move me You move me - EP
You only tell me you love me when you're drunk Obviously - A celebration of the music of Pet Shop Boys
You're all I ever wanted Demonic
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