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//**Star dust**// is a song by LorD and Master. The song appears on //Up// and is about the fact that everything is largely inconsequential since we will, eventually, each return to the dust from the star from which we came in the first place. There is, in this writer's opinion, at least, a distinction between stardust as one word and star dust as two words. Stardust is defined in the OED as magical, twinkling particles, much akin to fairy dust. Whereas, star dust, is the dust of a star, which is what was aimed for in this song.


 * We’re in the cosmos
 * Flying on a chunk of rock
 * Vast but finite
 * Fourteen billion years on the clock
 * Spinning round so fast
 * Gleaming towers turn to dull rust
 * The years hurtle by
 * And we’ll all return to star dust
 * And we’ll all return to star dust
 * And we’ll all return to star dust
 * All the people
 * You suck up to and you flatter
 * To gain possessions
 * Does it really even matter?
 * We’re only here a while
 * Focus on minutia if you must
 * But the years hurtle by
 * And we’ll all return to star dust


 * Appears on //[[Up]]// and //Star dust// EP (q.v.).
 * LorD and Master extended mix appears on //Star dust// EP.
 * E39 house mix appears on //Star dust// EP.
 * LorD and Master remix appears on //Star dust// EP.

EP release

 - //Star dust// - 4.11
 - //[[This nightmare]]// - 3.17
 - //Star dust// (LorD and Master extended mix) - 7.15
 - //Star dust// (E39 house mix) - 5.14
 - //Star dust// (LorD and Master remix) - 6.44

Release date: 22 September 2017.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production and remix on tracks 3 and 5 by Daniel Bailey-Graham for LorD and Master. Additional production and remix for track 4 by Peter Tanico for E39.

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