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**LorD and Master** //wiki//

This is the front page for the LorD and Master wiki.

On this site, you can examine all of the songs, albums and musical releases by LorD and Master, including lyrics, release dates, associated people and inspiration behind some songs. The site is easy-to-use and all content is written by LorD and Master, albeit from a third person point of view, just so it sounds like a proper wiki.

Wiki guide

 * To see an alphabetical list of **songs** [[song|click here]].
 * To see a chronological list of **albums, EPs and singles**, [[musical release|click here]].
 * To see a chronological list of **remixes** by LorD and Master, [[remix|click here]].
 * To search for a song, album, EP or single, use the search box above.
 * Links [[in red]] are for pages without articles attached to them.  There's not much point in clicking on those.
 * Links [[Follow me|in green]] are for pages with articles attached to them.  Click all you like.
 * If you have any suggestions, please email {{:email_address.png?direct&200|}}

If this isn't want you're looking for, take a ride back to the main LorD and Master site.

All lyrics by Daniel Bailey-Graham remain copyright 2009 - 2018 LorD and Master under exclusive license to Taspir III Records. Lyrics of cover songs remain property of their respective artists and/or record companies or publishers and are reproduced with kind permission.

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