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//**The demon is watching**// is a song by LorD and Master that substitutes good for evil and makes the suggestion that organised religion is, in fact, the demon of society. The music based on an old song that Dan wrote in the early 2000s, called //Rainbows always fade//.


 * All around the night-time vista
 * Talking in hushed tones
 * About something so sinister
 * Something in homes
 * We all want salvation
 * From that which lingers in our hearts
 * We need illumination
 * When things become so dark
 * The demon is watching
 * The demon is watching
 * The demon is watching
 * Us all
 * Holy scripture needs refining
 * In this day and age
 * Parameters require defining
 * To free us from this cage
 * 'cause we're never satisfied
 * With anything at all
 * Things are never black-and-white
 * This is our downfall


 * Appears on //[[Witness]]//.


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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