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**//The fall of love//** is a song by LorD and Master written about the end of a relationship. Members of remixing community ACIDPlanet agreed it was the worst song in the world, which LorD and Master believes to be high praise. The song is produced as a dance song with a 3/4 time signature.


 * The world is so cold around us
 * Something has changed to ground us
 * I can't keep your precious secrets
 * Not any more
 * These are our final moments
 * Why can't we keep the fragments?
 * Be what you want to be 'cause
 * This is the fall of love
 * Now's the time to wonder why we ever tried at all
 * I wonder why we fall in love
 * I never that I wanted you till we had reached the end
 * It's just another friend to lose
 * Sacrifices made
 * In the end it's the same
 * Be unfaithful, it's okay, 'cause we can just pretend
 * Have all your love to send to me
 * Find a song to sing along to, just ignore your heart
 * It's fine to be apart sometimes


 * Appears on //[[Miserablism]]//
 * Single mix appears on //The fall of love EP// (q.v.)
 * Remixes by LorD and Master, [[GX]], [[Lthrboots]], Blizzard1mage and Noizz Factor appear on //The fall of love EP//
 * LorD and Master extended mix appears on //[[Miserablist]]//
 * LorD and Master rock bottom remix released to DJs only.
 * Noizz Factor remix appears on //[[Flipside]]//.
 * Single mix appears on //[[Singular]]//.

EP release

 - //The fall of love// - single mix - 3.30
 - //The fall of love// - Noizz Factor remix - 6.31
 - //[[Intangible]]//
 - //The fall of love// - LorD and Master sealed fate remix - 10.10
 - //The fall of love// - GX remix - 7.48
 - //The fall of love// - Blizzard1mage remix - 3.24
 - //[[Tornado]]// - LorD and Master extended twister remix - 6.56
Released 19 April 2012


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production and remix on EP tracks by Noizz Factor, Graham Ellis, Jerry Jones and Blizzard1mage.

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