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**//Tipping point//** is a song by LorD and Master. It is written about the protagonist discovering their lover's infidelity and leaving them.


 * You think I wouldn't find out about that guy
 * Don't kid yourself
 * You think I wouldn't notice or wonder why
 * I'm more astute than that
 * You leave those clues for me to find
 * I remember every one
 * Now it's too late, you want to rewind
 * But you're holding a smoking gun
 * We've reached a tipping point
 * There's no way back from here
 * A line of dominoes has fallen
 * A house of cards collapsed
 * Your concentration lapsed
 * A brand new life for me is calling
 * I just agreed to meet you to say goodbye
 * To wish you well
 * Everything we went through and all that time
 * It doesn't mean a thing
 * I hope you're happy from now on
 * But it's time for me to leave
 * Think long and hard once I have gone
 * You'll believe what you will believe


 * Appears on //[[Miserablism]]//
 * LorD and Master extended mix appears on //[[Miserablist]]//


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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