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**//Tornado//** is a song by LorD and Master written about platonic love and is, as far as is known, the only song in existence to mention the Fujita scale for measuring tornadoes. The tornado in the song is a metaphor for someone who comes into your life and changes it immeasurably.


 * Tornado, tearing at the ground
 * Tornado, hurling me around
 * You got me in a spin
 * It's us two for the win
 * Tornado, oh oh, tornado
 * You can change direction
 * You can make your move
 * There's no early warning system
 * There's nothing left to prove
 * You're a force of nature
 * Strong will and mind
 * I only try to keep up, baby
 * Don't wanna be left behind
 * You can be a zephyr
 * You can be a breeze
 * But when you're a tornado, baby
 * The world's down on its knees
 * You leave your mark wherever you are
 * You are so alive
 * You've got your own Fujita scale and
 * You measure as five
 * Torna- tear- na- hurling me arou- 
 * You got, got in a spi- 
 * It's us two for the win
 * Torna-, oh oh torna- oh


 * Appears on //[[Polarity]]//.
 * Single mix appears on //Tornado EP// (q.v.).
 * Remixes by LorD and Master, [[Paarse Paraplu]] and [[GX]] appear on //Tornado EP//.
 * LorD and Master extended twister remix appears on //[[The fall of love]] EP//.
 * LorD and Master remember the 90s remix appears on //[[Flipside]]//.
 * Single mix appears on //[[Singular]]//.

EP release

 - //Tornado// - single version - 3.29
 - //[[Time]]// - 3.04
 - //Tornado// - LorD and Master remember the 90s remix - 8.24
 - //Tornado// - LorD and Master remember the 90s radio edit - 3.37
 - //Tornado// - Paarse Paraplu remix - 4.00
 - //Tornado// - GX remix - 6.42
Released 3 August 2011


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production on GX remix by GX. Additional production on Paarse Paraplu remix by Paarse Paraplu.

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