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//**Twentieth Century**// is a song by LorD and Master originally by Pet Shop Boys from the album //Fundamental//. The song is about, as if you couldn't figure it out, the Twentieth Century.


 * Oh I learned a lesson from the Twentieth Century 
 * I don't think we should just dismiss
 * After one hundred years of inhumanity
 * The lesson that I learned was this:
 * Sometimes 
 * The solution
 * Is worse than the problem
 * Let's stay together
 * Well, I bought a ticket to the revolution
 * And I cheered when the statues fell
 * Everyone came to destroy what was wicked
 * But they killed off what was good as well
 * Stay with me
 * This century
 * Together we're better
 * Oh I learned a lesson from the Twentieth Century
 * It may be somewhat hit or miss
 * If you've certainty about the way it's all meant to be 
 * The lesson that you need is this:


 * Appears on //[[Influence]]//.


Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.

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