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//**Witness**// is the ninth original studio album by LorD and Master and was written and recorded in the latter half of 2015. Released 7 May 2016, //Witness// is an observational album. It was produced using Apple's Logic Pro software.


The concept behind the album is one of observation, containing songs inspired by events past and present with very little constructed narrative. Each song is separate from its album-mates and there is no intended album-spanning arc, though the listener is free to infer one, if they desire. The artwork is a close-up photograph of Dan's eye to indicate sense organs and the idea of taking in information from the outside world. The font used is the same as that from //Singular//, demonstrating the link between the albums, for two songs from the singles collection appear on this album.


 - //[[Persistent fantasy]]// - 3.52
 - //[[And the world came crashing down]]// - 4.07
 - //[[Dopamine]]// - 4.04
 - //[[The demon is watching]]// - 3.27
 - //[[The good fight]]// - 5.01
 - //[[Battered and bruised]]// - 4.15
 - //[[Another way]]// - 4.45
 - //[[Indigo child]]// - 3.18
 - //[[Electricity]]// - 4.13
 - //[[Mechanical nightmare]]// - 3.55
 - //[[Mythology]]// - 3.44
 - //[[Rain]]// - 3.59

Total running time: 48 minutes, 34 seconds.


 * Daniel Bailey-Graham: Writing on all tracks, lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards and piano, electronics, synthesisers, programming, vocoder, sequencing, mixing, mastering, art design, photography. 

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