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You move me is a song by LorD and Master. It is a love song to nobody, an ideal person. The production includes a heavily gated pad and a bassline running through an arpeggiator, referring to the lyrics of I love electro, the previous track on the album.


  • Right from the outset you warmed my heart
  • You saw the depth, ripped the surface apart
  • It's not for nothing we met by chance
  • We see the purpose in this circumstance
  • All I know is you move me
  • Love me, soothe me
  • So many ways you improve me
  • Fill me with life
  • We made a promise to keep for good
  • One look could tell me, I knew you would
  • When we're together, it's ecstasy
  • We'll last for ever, just you and me


  • Appears on Polarity.
  • Appears on You move me EP (q.v.).
  • Remixes by LorD and Master and Paarse Paraplu appear on the You move me EP.
  • Paarse Paraplu remix appears on Flipside.
  • Appears on Singular.

EP release

You move me - EP art.

  1. You move me - 3.46
  2. Adrenaline - 3.42
  3. You move me - Paarse Paraplu remix - 5.24
  4. You move me - LorD and Master extended displacement remix - 6.14

Released 18 July 2011


Written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham. Additional production on Paarse Paraplu remix by Paarse Paraplu.

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